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Dober dan Mak!

Thanks for doing this ama today. I've seen a couple of your videos on YouTube after a recommendation from a Croatian friend (studying classic violine at the University of Zagreb) and immediately wondered why you haven't done anything with 2 Cellos yet? Is there anything planned or would you be even interested in this?

Thanks for your answer and zelim vam lep dan!

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Well, then I'm gonna countinue crossing fingers for the future, it would be a great collab for sure!

And I speak only an ashaming bit of Slovenian and Croatian, have a couple of close friends there and lived in Zadar for a while. Thanks again for your answer and all the best, Mak!

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Thank you for doing this AMA, Nichole - your work down there, as the work of any other journalists, is greatly appreciated!

Here's what I'd like to know:

I can't speak for other countries, but at least here in Germany media coverage about the Ebola epidemic in Congo is close to not existent - and I can imagine that's the same for many other countries as well.

Why is that, in your opinion?

Thanks again for the great job you're doing down there and stay safe!

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How would you make sure your site wouldn't be used as another way to promote a campaign etc.? Had a look at your website and I don't see why some popular whatever wouldn't be able to have 10xx fans/followers register and vote - and down it goes again.

Would the "security" of not being able to manipulate the results only come after a certain number of participants? And if yes, what use would your project be inbetween?