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Looking at your other reddit posts, you're not exactly a law abiding visa holder

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Do you feel that this 'stumbling block' has also been a 'stepping stone' , because it forced you to dig deep and find creativity in you, that you otherwise may have not found?

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When you're 12 years old, it's not you who makes the decision. It was his family that sent him to other family members in the U.S., hoping for him to have a better life.

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Where do you get the strength to keep calm when talking to some of those extremists?

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It is available for those in the U.S. , but the chances are so slim. I am from an eligible country and been in the U.S. 30 years. An immigration atty didn't file for my change of visa and my old visa expired before I knew that he didn't do anything. He got disbarred over it, but there's nothing I could do, because I no longer had status and could therefore not apply for anything from here. And if I had gone back to my country I would have had to wait out a 10-year ban to apply for anything.

Anyway, I've plaid that lottery every year and have never gotten anything. I know some people that have won, but there are soooo many applications and only 50,000 visa :-(