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CBS / Paramount needs to know they can make a pile of money with the series.

And that is part of the reason for the mini-muffins, and the online and social media platforms that are abuzz with the show, is to let them see there is a groundswell of activity, specifically designed to bring Worf back to television.

So please get involved with our campaign. Every little bit helps. The hashtag is #wewantworf

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One of the reasons that I wanted to come back and do this was to have a fair amount of control.

And being a fan of the original, being a fan of Gene Roddenberry, being a fan of science fiction, I have a grasp on what fans want to see, what the public wants to see, and also I wanted to go back to what made the show what it is - not just our show, but the show in general. And that is the stories. Going back to really great stories about the human condition, about what's going on in our lives right now that everybody can identify with, and bringing it back to more stories, great special effects, and (especially with Worf) action.

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Yes, they do.

Rusty nails.

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My favorite badass moment was in First Contact. Worf was definitely in his element. When he was beating the crap out of the Borg.

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