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MexicanRadio7 karma

Hi Laura -- you seen a lot of turnover amongst members of Against Me! over the past few years (especially the drummers). How does it feel to play with someone new? Does Against Me! feel at all like the same band it was in 1997?

PS: I miss Warren Oakes. That dude played so hard that I needed a poncho in the front row to avoid being covered in Warren-sweat.

MexicanRadio2 karma

Hey Roy. Thanks in advance for bringing Chego back to the westside. We've missed you deeply.

Do you ever plan bringing the specials/experimental menu back to Chego? I remember when Chego opened it was so exciting to get a new kind of bowl each week (or the Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, etc. burgers for a while there), but there hasn't been anything new there in quite a while.