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The Heavy? I love The House that Dirt Built! What's your favorite song?

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Hey Joel! Huge fan, even though I'm too young to have seen the original episodes- my parents were big fans and I got hooked too!

My question: You guys riffed a lot of shorts in addition to the movies. Are you guys going to focus more on films, or keep the mix that you had?

Also, any plans to riff The Room? "I did not hit her! I did not- oh, hi Mark!"

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Hey Kevin! You've produced (I think) all of Ponds albums, and quite a few Tame Impala members are in Pond, so I think you're at least generally qualified to answer this: What does the future look like for Pond?

I loved Man It Feels Like Space Again, but it doesn't feel like there's a lot of promotion for it out there, and that Pond seems to be treated as a bit of a side project. Can we expect to see Pond getting some time in the spotlight soon?

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Have you ever read "One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest"? If so, would you find it comparable?