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what basic steps as a private person can I take to make my router more secure - I heard about using vpn inside of your router directly?

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Any good books you recommend aside from "How to change your mind"? I am really interested and anticipating the broader application (once legalised) in mental health work and therapy, thanks for your work!

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what is the most secure device you recommend for private households on the market?

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I think that's fine with me, while I did enjoy the passionate writing in How to change your mind - the 2. third of the book started to sound like some sort of cult-leader who discovered the greatest thing since sliced bread; it was moving between "very informative" and "man this guy really likes to hear himself talk"

thanks for the recommendation I will look into it

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Travel opens the mind and makes people more accepting to cultures, I think the variations which you are exposed to through traveling for such a long time are incredible; but was there a time or situation where you were feeling unsafe or worried because you walked into the wrong place at the wrong time?

Very interesting AMA!