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I work for an HVAC service company in the states and one of our accounts is a YMCA residences... None of our techs want to go there because of the amount of cockroaches and apparently visible bed bugs and nasty shit. Shame for the people there, glad it's not across the board!

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Thank you for doing this AMA. I'm at work right now so I didn't look at all of the links that you posted, but I will when I go home. My brother was in a serious car accident 2 and half years ago and was in a coma for a month and a half. He also has had to relearn everything. It has been a crazy journey. At this stage in his recovery he is relearning social boundaries in a sense. Did you have trouble connecting with people (other than family) after your fall? He's lost all of his friends. We've really learned who is there for us and who is not, which is OKAY. I understand that he's different now and it may be awkward for people. My mom struggles with this a lot. It's like people think all of a sudden he's mentally handicapped, but it was a serious brain injury people!! Does any of this sound like any part of your experience?