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MerkinMuffintop6 karma

An unexpected bonus to the film was the nostalgia tour of 90s camping gear throughout.

MerkinMuffintop2 karma

I have a broad question and an unrelated complaint. First, the broad question: why is no one making a slim, wall-mountable DVD player? Everything else I own in media center is small and and unobtrusive but the DVD player still looks like something designed to sit on top of a big CRT. What gives?

Unrelated complaint: I was disappointed that you recommended a pickup truck. Your stated philosophy is to put on the website what you'd recommend to a friend, and the truth is that for 99% of people, the correct answer is, "don't buy a pickup truck". For the difference in price between the truck rec and your midsize sedan rec, you could rent a pickup every weekend for nearly two years. That's A LOT of home improvement projects and camping trips.