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Hey Robert, hope you're having a good day.

I am a union member (Local 3 IBEW New York City) and in the last 30 years our union has lost a lot of power and influence in the city (and overall unions have lost influence nationwide). Unions used to be in control of all of the labor here in NYC and according to the latest stats from my union, we only hold roughly half of the construction jobs in NYC.

So my question(s) is why do you think unions have lost their power and influence in America and do you believe unions could ever get back to an optimal level (such as in the 1950's and 60's)?

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What made you want to be a poacher tracker rather than say a ranger in the Middle East or even just work for civilian police?

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How did you go about setting the script for the new Captain America movie?

I know some directors like to read the comics and base plots based on the storylines of the comics they read.

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Wow. Sounds like you have had quite a tedious lifestyle. I wish you the best of luck. Not a lot of people can ever do what you're doing that's for sure

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Do people in Iran really hate Americans or are they actually friendly people?