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Korean BBQ, all y'all. Breakfast of fucking champions.

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'Nuff people say they know they can't believe... Jamaica! We got a bobsled team!

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Do you know which gut bacteria types, or gut bacteria factors (such as ratios of different bacteria, etc) most significantly impact weight gain?

Likewise, do you have a favorite probiotic that you like?

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I'm interested in what the Pastor would have said, but I'll point out that the Jewish laws contained a civil law, a ceremonial law, and a moral law (the 10 commandments). Which Law is referring to? My church would hold that it would be the moral law, which I believe (speaking only for myself) is consistent with Jesus' statement in Matthew 5:18: Until the work is done and the second coming, the wages of sin remain death.

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Let's 9/11 him with downvotes.... Admiral Ackbar, you tool.