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But shouldn't, our schools be teaching this already?

Why should a test on math for the act need special prep, compared to what is already taught? (Unless you're taking it early)

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And considering that officers may be incentivised to under report pysical alterations or injury to protect their own carrers and self interest.

Wouldn't this be applicable to any of the injuries report? If injuries are under-reported I'd personally assume that ALL injuries are underreported and not TASER alone. I'd say the use of grappling, and batons being underreported more likely as that cannot be blamed on the device such as a TASER.

Stating that the taser is always safer seems flawed

Did he edit his comment? I don't see any comment stating the TASER is "always" safer.

Even compared to traditional force tactics like punches, baton strikes, etc., the TASER weapon has a far lower injury rate
... If your local police do not have the TASER weapon as an option, the risk of them injuring someone is significantly higher

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At times it's very difficult to do this.

I work for a company that's very environmentally focused, but also sells consumer goods.

Plastic is not just "plastic" you have different resins for different needs. PE offers great overall proprieties, and is recycled frequently but a poor oxygen barrier. If you have an oxygen sensitive product you may add an EVOH layer, but then that prevents that component from being recycled.

Just a small example but it happens frequently.

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It may have been super difficult. I've never tried to start something up. But trying to manage a supply chain globally i bet could be challenging even on a small scale.

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It's actually relatively viable and companies that provide high quality PCR streams are having doing quite well. But overall it depends on the resin you're looking at and it's viability after recycling.

PET and HDPE resin streams are consistent and highly used. They do not degrade significantly, but will need some virgin resins added to maintain their properties.

Now a resin PP (polypropelyne) is much more difficult to use. It degrades more, and doesn't have as consistent of a stream.

These are the materials i work with regularly other resins will have their pro's and con's to being recycled.


This is in regards to mechanical recycling processes. Several companies are working on chemical recycling which makes the materiel behave much more like virgin resins. These are still in development but could drastically change how we view recycled materials.