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I was on a geology field trip in Oregon in the John day area when Mount Saint Helens erupted. I had just gotten back onto the bus and didn’t hear it but other students came piling under the bus and said, “Did you hear that?“

We all got back out of the bus and saw three geology professors hop into the state pick up truck and drove off without us. It was completely understandable.

The bus went north toward the Columbia River and then turned and went west along the gorge. We could see the huge plume which appeared to be stationary because it was so huge yet we knew that there was turmoil inside.

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Yes, May 18. Our daughter was born just before the big steam eruption in July so we saw that one too. I have a jar of ash from our gutter. Oh, and we all wore masks and could not buy air filters for our cars, sort of like TP is now.

Edited to add “not”

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I've always wondered. Do the police then jump right back onto the case to find the actual criminal?

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In your estimation, since you have to be headed to ICU or wealthy to be tested in MAGA USA, how much data has been lost due to the incompetence in the White House?

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Why is their search engine so awful??! I mean, it gives hits for thousands of unrelated items.