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Can non-Americans help somehow?

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Yeah, sorry, this seems like bullshit. I'm looking at their history ; there's no fake accounts in those comments and I don't know where you're getting spam from. They post all their art to /r/funny ; that's just normal. That's what the god damn site is for. Even the scores seem perfectly normal.

But looking at your history, it seems like you just have a hate boner on the guy and post this crap on every post he makes. If anything, your account seems more fake.

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The more I read this thread, the more I can identify to you.

I'm 15 years old, started high-school this year. Game development is my dream. Games carried me through all the crap I went through as a weak, weird introverted kid. Without them, I don't think I would have carried on very long. Art is the way we learn the things we can't learn in a school or that we can't all figure out just by experiencing them. That's what I want to try doing for the world.

But in the last couple years, I almost lost my hope of ever reaching that goal, because I couldn't get myself to do much to work towards it. Seeing that you think the same way as I do and that you've made it at such an age gives me some hope again. Plus, thanks to this post, I just found out about Godot ! Since GameMaker stopped being free, that's gonna be of use.

Thank you and good luck.

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And calling it 'published' while self-publishing through Amazon is laughable.

Published is published. He made a book and he's selling it. What the hell have you done today aside from yelling at clouds?

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I have a very, very simple question, to which I'd like you to answer as honestly as possible.

Why do you like your job?