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Shooda-bop-bop, shooda-bop-bop

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In heaven, there is no beer!

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Our friends will be drinkin' all the beer!

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He just called pornography evil?!! BURN THE WITCH.

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Hi, Tommy! Saw VGL July '13 in Irvine -- what an amazing experience. I'll still gush about it to anyone who'll listen. It gave me the chance to meet two of my score idols (Russell Brower and Austin Wintory) -- and you! -- which I'll always be grateful for.

Were you always encouraged to follow your musical dreams as a kid?

How have you dealt with the various naysayers throughout your career -- you know, the ones who hear you write music for video games and give you that slow nod and say, "That's....nice?"

Thanks for taking the time, Tommy! :)