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Ha! I can answer this one. My wife is a triple amputee and she always lords it over me that she can spoon without having her arm fall asleep - because she doesn't have one.

Edit - I was unclear in my statement - my wife has one arm. What I had meant was "she doesn't have one on that side of her body."

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I did hold it in for her once so she could beat a part of a video game for me...

I'm pretty sure that's true love right there.

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This is exactly what my wife (who is missing 3 limbs) says. We go through phases where she can deal with our sons (15 month old) diapers. Worked great as a newborn, then got harder when he started wiggling, then got easier when he learned to hold still, then got harder when started choosing not to... ect.

I don't know how old your child is, but ours learned very early how to ride on the armrest of her chair. Saves needing a stroller. Might be something worth trying.

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I don't mind at all. She was born that way. Her torso ends at her butt - she has no leg stumps at all. Her one arm is fused at the elbow at roughly a 45 degree angle - no movement there. The hand on that arm has three fingers including the thumb. And she has about a six inch stump for her other arm.

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Nope, although it's something that she gets asked on occasion. No one's really quite sure what caused it. We do know several people of various ages who have nearly identical situations. The only thing that seems to be different between them is the angle that the arm is fused at, or in one case not fused at all.