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Dude, you're asking the wrong guys that question. They are about as far separated from the American working class as you can get.

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I don't think Matt could survive an entire episode of listening to Favreau talk about messaging.

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Your book seems to place the blame for being "hooked" largely on the individual and doesn't put much of the blame on the corporations that make these apps (you even seem to praise companies like Slack, whose product absolutely demands people's attention and certainly adds to distraction). To me, this seems to be an almost libertarian take that praises large corporations at the detriment of the average person.

I guess my question is, why should I view electronic device distraction, which can lead to things such as bad texting and driving, as a personal failing and not a market/corporate failing?

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We'd have to make sure he was stocked with plenty of treats.

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I used to like you guys, but your inability to actually deal with legitimate leftist criticisms like this makes your podcast unbearable.