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Mehuge20 karma

How is weapon progression going to work?

Will there be abilities gained as I get better using my weapon? And are those abilities linked to the weapon (regardless of class) or are they linked to the class rather than the weapon, just unlocked by using the weapon.

What kind of stats will be gained from weapons?

Mehuge6 karma

New abilities will be unlocked as you get better with your current abilities.

Thanks. I assume you meant get better with your current weapon.

Will there be a common set of sword abilities available to all classes and then a specialised set specific to the weapon class combo or has your thinking not gone that far?

Mehuge6 karma

They will have some ability to fight but they are not going to be great fighters. Think of them like heal specd healers in daoc, used to take them 5 minutes to kill a green con mob!

Mehuge5 karma

Part of the system is degradation/upkeep so people wont be able to build then go inactive and keep the plot. Plus if its not in a safe zone its going to get razed sooner or later. Probably sooner.

Mehuge3 karma

APB style customisation or is that a touch too far? (it kills FPS so probably)