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Hi Katie, How do you and your unit approach physical performance standards such as the PT test and how do you feel about the topic as a whole? Should you be assessed differently whether or not a trans person is on hormones or not?

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DEERS is Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System. It’s like a database that holds all your military benefits information.

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Thanks for clarifying. I agree that is the right way to handle things, although could be questionable considering how long it can take to make changes like that. So theoretically you could have a trans person who is fully treated on hormones still identified in DEERS as their previous gender and therefore being measured against that standard. So there could be some discrepancy for a period of time.

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Hi Christina, huge fan and fellow NoVA OG!

Is there a flavor combo you’re currently crushing on?

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I mean, I think that’s a pretty consistent statement across any organization. If you have grown up surrounded by the social idea that being gay isn’t a big deal, then people in general stop seeing it as a disqualified.