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Megs__1 karma

Stumbled across this post and goes along with a train of thought I’ve been having lately. I was always the kid who showed up with “Dad’s old version” of supplies for scouting functions or class project materials and HATED it as a kid, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized the uniqueness, higher quality, and emotional significance of my vintage practical use items.

The idea of quality goods (without planned obsolescence) seems to have gone extinct in America. I’ve found anything I’ve been able to hang on to that is of good quality is often an accidental statement piece or coveted by others. I’ve finally come in to my sense of style and design and I want to continue to cultivate myself with my belongings instead of being a consumer hurricane. I buy thriftily now, and seek out niche items from smaller retailers and companies that produce sustainably in America.

What will it take, and how would the economy have to change, in order to get America on a path to be more careful and considerate with our belongings (and each other!) in regards to corporate gains/profit margins/stockholders, etc? It feels like late stage Capitalism has left no room for growth in the production sector and our attitudes toward waste creation suggest a massive shift in industry as well.

Anyway, didn’t know this AMA was happening, but so fascinated by this topic! Thank you for doing something about it.