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The concept of "Idol-seiyuu" which was born in the 90s is now bigger than ever, for better or for worst, but it seems that seems to be the focus of the seiyuu industry right now. At the same time, what's expected of someone working as a seiyuu is different now as well. To be more like an idol, to be better looking, to know how to sing and dance, and you have to be great at talking and variety too. If you don't have all those qualities, then you're not likely to debut at all. If you're over a certain age, then you're also bound to get replaced by someone younger soon too. Since lots of works are now filled with young rookies, as a new seiyuu you don't have many senpai to learn from, and the turn-over risk is very high. I think that's a sad thing. But in any industry can be the same environment of competitiveness, so the people who do stay can say they are truly talented and worked hard to get there. In that sense, it's not all bad.

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Thank you everybody for all the questions! I'm so happy to have received all of them. There are so many I still really wish to reply to, but I've got a recording appointment to rush to here in Japan (it's around noon time now!). I'm so sorry but it's time for me to run! Thank you again for participating, and please check out my crowdfunding page (https://miraimode.com/projects/animeg25th) for my new album! I would very much appreciate it.

I hope we are able to meet in the future. See you again, byebye! (・_-)-☆

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I respect him greatly. He knows what he wants, and makes work without compromising his vision.  

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Hello Everyone! This is Ms. Ogata's translation team. Although the AMA is now over, we figured fans might appreciate being able to see her own answers in Japanese as well!

The process consisted of Ms. Ogata typing her answers in Japanese which the translation team then translated to English, so the Japanese is Ms. Ogata's own words .



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Since I (Shinji) was quite tortured by these angels I actually don't like them all that much haha. That hurt you know! But, if I had to pick... Kaworu-kun! haha