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How have you gotten away with hosting a site that consistently has child pornography posted on it? Have there been serious attempts to shut it down?

How is the site monitored - do you forward illegal material and IP info to the FBI?

Has anyone gotten arrested for posting illegal content?

What info have you turned over to the government about Anonymous?

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physically flirt with her fiancee ... he flat out told me "sorry but I have a wife"

The fiancee didn't find it awkward that he was already married?

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What does he think of the SNL Sean Connery bits?

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Yes, we would have spent the next eight years investigating soccer players.

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horse racing, the track, and organized crime. It's all connected in Maryland

Where do you get your information about how things like this (and dock theft, political corruption, etc.) work behind the scenes? Along the same lines, what do you think prevents the police (or FBI) for jailing the top crime figures? Was it realistic in season 1 that a dealer of Avon's scale would be unknown to the police?