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I'm not going around downvoting anything, but from what I can see this chap writes a lot of "And then everybody clapped..." esque stories, using pick up artists as his target of his stories that definitely happened, because everybody can agree on not really liking them.

The stories come across more like he's a fucking lunatic that lurks in the park and straight up screams at people though.

It appears he also threw a tantrum on Instagram, where he expected people to pay for the advertising he posts there by subscribing to his patreon.

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Just because you need to undertake surgery and want to understand how it works does not mean that you should be shocked by the images you see

This is a really, really weird example case you keep bringing up. If you're having surgery you aren't shown a bunch of graphic images of what will happen to you. You get a diagram and a text description of what will happen alongside potential complications from the surgery.

Seeing a paint-daubs filtered image of someone being cut open is not better than that.