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(GC): Heh. We feel like there are a bunch of sissies on the internet, that's how we feel. NASCAR and F1 drivers hit concrete walls in multi-ton machines at 200 miles an hour, and somehow we're not able to armor a robot to take a thousand-pound punch and survive? C'mon guys. THIS IS THE DREAM WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR. IT'S WORTH A BROKEN ARM.

Besides, Matt's in front. lololol.

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(GC) WAIT THAT WAS YOU? IT'S SO GOOD! We were basically all in tears for a half hour after someone linked that to us last night. Nice work. We featured it on our Facebook page! And I just edited the post to give you credit!

MegaBots_Team288 karma

(MO): We've been throwing around a number of ideas about where a giant robot battle will take place, and while we can't disclose where the KURATAS battle will take place, we've wanted to do a couple: 1) On the deck of an aircraft carrier 2) Just purchase a city block of blighted Detroit and go to town, Crashing through houses. (edit) or 3) this place.

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Gundam when we want to watch an actual story.

Pacific Rim when we want to get drunk and yell at the screen about how awful the engineering is.

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(GC): Go for the ankles.