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I just imagine him walking to the back of the line muttering "Allahu Akbar" to himself.

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Former SDA here as well and I never understood the church's overwhelming support of someone who so clearly plagiarized many of her works. I honestly didn't take what she had to say as any real authority growing up and tried to stick to the bible alone. Do you feel that the SDA church needs to back away from using someone like Ellen G. White as their prophet and someone of such authority? Do you think it's because of her that many people see the SDA church as a cult?

Btw I'm so very happy for you and appreciate your willingness to step outside the familiarity of the church to join us heathens on the outside! :-)

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Let me guess they were from Manitoba right?

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Are you related to any Elias' in Canada? Would be nice to know that one of my relatives is famous.