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This particular post doesn't have nearly enough upvotes. I was a cook in a couple nursing homes for about 3 years. Shittiest time of my life(I quit a few weeks ago because shitty pay that is higher than minimum wage isn't worth me failing out of school), working in poorly managed facilities with the working poor not having a way out, but not being able to make the bills happen without their CNA pay. Its sad, you can visibly see the new aids come in all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and then the lights leave their eyes, they hate their job and their life.

MechaFlamingoCandy2 karma

Yeah. I was appalled when my dad was in a nursing home In detroit. There were brown skid marks on the floor and the entire place smelled of piss. And he was also in his own giant room on the opposite side of the facility from anything. That place was appalling. And heartbreaking. If he had been in that place After I cooked and not before, I would have called the state on them.