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That sounds like something they might have set up themselves, which is a great idea. At my location we just have the back wall, which is usually the home of toilet paper, blocked off, and employees handing out 1 pack per person as they come by. Every day when we open the door we have people running to the back of the store to get in line. Its crazy.

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New Zealand should be good enough distance.

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Normally 99% are amazing and understanding. But in the last 2 weeks its basically been like this. 50% are just like "okay ya your out no problem thanks", and walk away. 30% say something like "o my god I cant believe your out" and roll their eyes and walk away. 10% are incredibly kind and thank me for working. And of course my favorite last 10% are the people who start yelling at me. Today was probably the worst of it. We had to close off the entrance and only let a certain amount of people in at a time, and I heard there were a few fights that started. I personally had to get in between 2 people who started yelling at each other over the last of our ground beef that we had. It was a fun day.

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Literally everything food related. I understand stocking up on frozen chicken and rice. But who the hell needs to buy 50-60lbs of ground beef. How do you even have that much space in your freezer.

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It was a corporate decision to make it mandatory, but our GM made that call a few days before that order was passed down. The structure of costco really does give a lot of power and the stores and its employees to make decisions like this even without the approval of corporate.