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Why does working with dead people not phase you like others?

Do you follow the Walking Dead TV series?

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Really? I plan on being cremated. If that unsettles you of all people, I need to know why. Thanks.

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Alyssa in the Outer Limits. Fast forward to 11:20. I don't care it was low budget cheese. She is still beautiful. I got this on DVD specifically because Alyssa was in it. It was on some special DVD (not the full season set).

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Thanks for that. Maybe it's the smell of burning flesh and fat that bothers morticians, but for me, it's just neater and less complicated. I also don't like the idea of bugs feeding on my embalmed body even though I'm no longer using it. ;) Funerals are really for family and friends, so a jar of ashes isn't how they want to remember you.

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What America consider as collateral damage, the rest of the normal world considers as terrorism. No different than Israel dropping a 1000 pound bomb that levels an occupied school because they saw a messenger for Hamas standing in front of it.