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I live in Central Kentucky but make my way out to Eastern Kentucky/Appalachian areas quite frequently. The network infrastructure leaves lot to be desired.

What can I do at the local level to help support wider access to broadband internet to the indigent or very rural areas?

And thank you for what you do. You're fighting the good fight, and I appreciate all that you do.

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Basically the mod team would reach out to the interesting people to do the AMAs. They'd monitor the mail queue for public relations emails seeking to promote interesting people. They would help facilitate asking the questions, and verifying that people were who they said they were.

All these things are now going to take a back seat. They'll still moderate in the sense that they'll try to keep rule breaking stuff off the threads, but will take a backseat from the more vigorous and time consuming actions.

This will most likely bring forward more people who fake who they are, less celebrity/influencial figures hosting AMAs, and in turn just degrade the experience. We saw this happen when they canned Victoria, and the mods took it upon themselves, voluntarily and without pay, to try and keep it afloat. Now they're saying they've had enough.

Reddit can choose to hire someone to take over these actions, like they had with Victoria in the past. Or they can put their own mods in who will voluntarily take over what the previous mods have stopped.

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A good book to help answer this exact question is "Man's Search for Meaning" by Victor Franklin.

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What would you ask any 2016 US Presidential Candidates if given the chance?