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Hello, serious question here. Have been reading about your organisation and read there is also work for volunteers. Which specific skils are required to come and help with the 'green army'? for example i'm a 24 year old student from Belgium with no specific experience. If i would/could want to join , what would be my tasks?

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Thx man! I'll definitely look into it. Forgot to mention, huge fan of your initiative! Incredible that there do are people willing to risk their own life instead of just talking about it. As soon as my wallet allows it I'll support too.

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I also have another question. To build up experience and knowledge about wildlife and conservation, do you know about any education/training programs directed specifically towards this subject? I cant really imagine anything like that here in Belgium, but maybe that does exist in the US or anywhere else?

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Since this initiative seems to be quite succesfull and gains a lot of respect from a wide range of people (as far as i can see in my surroundings), are there any other inititatives or attempts to do the same or similar things in other countries or continents? (For example like Sea Shepherd)