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I remember I once saw a falcon eating a dead bird on the porch. After it was done it looked right at me, tilted down a bit, and took a giant white shit all over my deck. Then it just flew away, bastard.

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Hey I got to see propaganda village from the observation post on south korean side. It was great time, that turned out to be pretty funny when a bunch of school children came. They started using these binoculars that had "military use only" on them, only difference was that they didn't need won quarters in them. So this Rok solider kept telling these kids not to use them. I started joking to my friend that " ah yes, the one great benefits of this position, is free binoculars". Than RoK solider just laughs and says "yeah, that's why i picked this location.". Threw us completely off guard, because they generally just stand around and don't talk to you unless you directly ask them question.

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Yeah in the DMZ we had to ask like 5 or 6 guards before we got one to agree to take a picture with us. Than of course in at the JSA they handed us this paper to sign that had all the stuff you can't do while at the JSA. The one that made me laugh the most was "No abdominal thrusting". Yeah I am sure its all part of mocking the south on how extremely serious they take the JSA, granted half reasons why its so serious is not to give the north any reason to complain.

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Doubt it, in a lot of cultures its just how they are; they would never dream of asking or even accepting money in return.

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Holy shit, that one guy really did know you. No one believed him when he said he was your friend and that you spoke hebrew also.