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That's been a doozy every time. Each agency has their unique requirements we are more than happy to comply with. We even had to send a fax once. A fax.

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We have plans to continue updates for the forseeable future. We won't do DLC, if we ever ask you for even a penny again, it has to be something huge and that adds a lot of gameplay to the game. We like expansions like Morrowind and Age of Empires II had, not DLC.

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It's a can of worms we're not in the position to dare to peek into. Our current policy doesn't allow charging for mods, but we encourage people to donate to their favorite mod authors.

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1) The dV readouts were actually part of a much larger feature to expand on the skills for engineer and scientist kerbals. After many revisions and work on them, we decided to hold them for a little longer, as they were simply not up to standard.

2) We're really encouraged by the love from our fans and their support, so we don't see ourselves stopping anytime soon. I don't have a precise number, but we still have plenty of stuff to make. Multiplayer, for example...

On a personal note, thanks for your art, y0rsh. It's amazing.

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Arsonide: While implementing part recoveries, I was given a contract to recover a solid rocket booster in orbit that ignited and took off on its own when I got within a few hundred meters. I haven’t laughed so hard at another bug.

RoverDude: One time during testing, I ran across a bug that spawned multiple Valentinas, making each one a new zombie flagged as debris… I once had about a dozen on the launchpad while debugging it and testing a repro case...

KasperVld: The mohole is technically a bug but has taken on a life of its own. People spend large amounts of time getting specialised spacecraft to Moho’s north pole to descend into what is basically a very deep hole.

Ted: Hmm, there are a myriad of bugs that have made me chuckle or crack a smile. One of my favourite was a bug with Valentina and vessel switching where her face would go relaxed and due to a texturing artefact she would have little ‘fangs’. Another good one is when we were refining and balancing aerodynamics there was a short while where our planes would rip themselves apart going about 1000m/s at seal level.

HarvesteR: I think my all-time favorite was infiniglide, in which given enough control surfaces, you could generate potentially infinite thrust just by flapping your wings. The ways people would abuse that was always new and entertaining.