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What if someone fully accepts that what they are doing is unhealthy, but they are truly happy and not depressed?

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Full disclosure, i hold a masters in psychology focused in addiction disorders.

I do not counsel.

I disagree with the dsm, specifically on addiction. I do believe a person, who fully accepts their addictions as destructive, can be justified in their actions if they are truly happy. Yes, they will die sooner, but if they are truly happy, then that is more important.

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What about someone who plays idle type games, but spends no money and refuses to watch any ads?

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I argue with no screen time at an early age. My son who is now 7 and in the gifted program at his school, he was exposed to guided screen time. We chose educational apps and by 9 months he could identify most colors and numbers 1-9.

Our second son is moving along the same path, at 2 he knows all his numbers, colors, and letters. He too had guided screen time.

I guess just handing a kid an unprotected tablet could be bad depending what they are exposed too?

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It also allows for individual play.

Socializing is great, but independent processing is very important. The sign of intelligence isnt doing what you are told, it is knowing what to do without being told.

The apps we used, you pressed a color, it read the color and played a little tune.

By 9 months my son knew all primary and secondary colors and could say atleast half of them, and very quickly took up numbers and letters, followed by animals and machines, vehicles, etc.

If anyone wants to know the apps, message me, i dont want to plug anything here.