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I attended an implicit bias training event last year. I went with a very open mind hoping to learn a lot. Unfortunately I did not find the event terribly inspiring or helpful. Instead I felt like the speaker went out of her way to shame the white attendees and convince them that they are racist.

When we did a race association exercise to demonstrate that we all have some sort of implicit bias I could not for the life of me tell the difference between pictures of Caucasians and Latinos.

I know that I probably do hold biases (everyone does), but is the point of these trainings to help people recognize and overcome these biases or to guilt people?

Has implicit bias training been proven to actually help people overcome their racial biases?

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Thank you for your response. The speaker we had is nationally recognized and highly regarded, which is why I found my experience so surprising.

But back to my second question, has implicit bias training actually been proven or shown to help people overcome their racial biases?

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I think it is very important to understand if current training techniques are effective or possibly even come with negative consequences.