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It's only hobo if cardboard boxes touch.

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95% survival rate... Heh I've lived in places where the survival rate is lower than that for walking out of your front door...

Those are great odds op, they sound like the odds given to almost any mid tier surgery, you're going to do great :)

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In windows:

Open a command prompt and type cipher /w:c:\ it'll bitwipe your free space making data recovery impossible, comes with Windows as standard.

Microsoft support article regarding cipher: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/315672

Edit: formatting, added a link to the Microsoft support kb regarding cipher so everyone thinking "zomg he's going to make me delete teh system32s" can go read it and calm down.

Meta: anyone tried to delete system32 on a reasonably modern(ish) version of Windows? Go grab virtual box and install yourself a copy of Windows, see if it'll let you delete system32 easily - tip: no, it won't, it's not about to allow you to cripple it without complaining, loudly.

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I play league of legends... Let me tell you about shitty communities.

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... What the fuck does a Taiwanese transvestite sound like?!