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So I get to drink cocktails and wander around the museum in a few nights, which exbibit do I absolutely have to make sure I stop and see?

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Absolutely. The Amish are absolute bastards when it comes to dogs.

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This statement makes me wonder how sincere this guy is. When a hospital goes on diversion, they aren't turning people away, THEY DON'T SEE THEM. Their diverting because it's so slammed they can't literally stack another body in a hallway. You know what's shitty for morale, watching EMS drop off another patient when you can barely keep up with the ones you have.

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Orthopedics is such a nice life if you're good. EVERYONE loves you, you're busy just as much as you want to be, and the money is dumb. I really wish someone explained that to high school me.

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That puppy mills are a horrible industry? That the Greenfield puppy network is a bunch of monsters who abuse animal? What's the myth?