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is limb lengthening available for all? I'm a 5'0" male and I would kill to be 5'4"

Everyone is hating on that bagel fucker who 15 mins have kinda gone away, but I undestand his pain.

Anyway, how painful was everything surgery wise?

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ha true, maybe its my fault I've always been single. I'm short and theres nothing I can do about that but being fat, I can control. At 30 I finally started to do something. I wish I couldve done something during my 20s. Eh, life.

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oh wow.

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well I want to be an actor, and Kevin Hart and others like Loe Pesci and guy on Everyone Loves Philly have shown that height doesnt matter. Still tho, my ego be taking hits

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hmmm..fuck that then. to live being super short is a curse.