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I assume you have operated as a pub owner for some time now. Has there been any other significant event during your time that compares to this in terms of impact on business?

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I couldnt recall anything that would have such a global impact on society as a whole.

I know the Icelandic volcano ash cloud had a real impact on travel tourism a few years back but that was only a few weeks and not even in the same ballpark when it comes to the impact it had on every day living.

The main thing that can be taken from this is that it shouldn't happen to this scale again, it will force everyone to put plans in place.

Granted that has no help for you now. Hoping you get by mate. I do believe it will encourage people to use local business more once things have settled.

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For your second gig selling 50 is pretty decent.

Is there any other route you can go down rather than concert halls? I appreciate it isn't the same as rock music and pretty much any other genre, but any up and coming band just play to pubs here in the UK and it costs them nothing. Playing to concert halls seems like such a big risk with what at this stage is little reward. What's your short-medium term goal to increase your popularity?

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How many tickets have you sold so far?