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That's about where I stand with Polyglot, too. The formatting is a bit iffy and it's not super intuitive but it has a ton of potential and it's great that it's open source.

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When charting out the content for a language, specifically inflection tables, vocabulary, things like animacy hierarchies if being used, what kind of software would you recommend using? Do you just keep everything in a bunch of word files, or maybe excel files? Have you used Polyglot?
EDIT: Omni to poly

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There's one feature in specific that I would add if I knew how but it's written in Java which is the klingon of functional programming languages. Cool to look at, not very fun to write.

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The font scaling is a bit wacked on Windows, at least on my end, so I can barely read a lot of the text in text boxes. It's immune to the font size option in the settings which arguably makes it worse.
If possible, I'd add another font size option explicitly for user inputted text so I wasn't absolutely straining my eyes to read it.

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I don't think he's gonna answer you with anything other than "nuclear bombs."