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MatthewBorst24 karma

Hey Drea, I'm loving everything I've seen of The Muthaship so far!

What's been your favorite part about working in the digital space? What's been the most challenging part?

MatthewBorst1 karma

Hey Drea! It seems like you have an awesome relationship with your kids. Are you guys dressing up for Halloween this year? What costumes do you guys have in the works?

MatthewBorst1 karma

Big fan of yours, Drea! I bet you and John Barrowman can get WILD together! Tell us about a crazy experience you two have shared! Is he going to be on The Muthaship with you?

MatthewBorst1 karma

Thanks so much for the reply, Drea! I'll definitely keep watching The Muthaship. Can't wait to see everything that's in store this season!!