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Did you go to Sweden with someone you knew or did you make the journey alone?

I sympathize with your troubles and wish you a nice life! Thank you for your time answering.

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I have a few questions about the 2024 mission:

Why and in what way will DNA records be sent to the moon in the time capsule? Except for the DNA records, what else is planned to be in the time capsule? Or is that still being thought about?

Thank you for your time!

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I know a lot of young adults that were exemplary students and motivated independent learners until starting university. For instance, I used to read a lot of articles on various subjects in physics, but now as a physics graduate student, I can barely get through a page worth of an article, even if I'm actually interested in it, I rarely have any motivation to finish it.

Why does this happen to so many of us? What are some ways to get that type of motivation back?

Thank you for your work, and also for your time answering questions on reddit!