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Legitimate question, are you ever embarrassed at some of the choices offered? Because as a parent, I am sometimes horrified.

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Thank you for responding. We’ve been to a few school districts and so I am not sure if they are all apart of the National School Lunch Program, but I specifically remember breakfast as Trix flavored yogurt, “maple flavored” mini waffles, nurtigrain bars & orange juice - it just felt like so much sugar. The amount of prepackaged goods was astonishing.

Currently, my issue stems from the amount of (what I perceive as low nutritional foods) they eat each week. Corn dogs, cheeseburgers, tacos, chicken & waffles, etc. I then feel like we can’t enjoy these “junky” foods as a family because they’re eating them almost daily.

And yes, I am privileged in a way that I can make home lunches for my three children, but we go over the menu weekly and they choose which days they would like school lunch. This week it was 1 day out of the 4 days of school.

I also understand the amount of research and care that must go into a program like this and I can appreciate where it’s coming from, but I honestly think it could be better by introducing ‘healthier’ foods into the mix - especially given the obesity risks this new generation is facing.

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Yes! I agree. Our current breakfast offerings are: pigs in a blanket, French toast bites, waffles, donut, cinnamon Texas toast, etc...

We don’t participate in breakfast, but I know my kids would love that junk.