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Even if the name sounds a tad sci-fi, it is a real field with already shared discoveries https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_biology

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Hi from Italy: do you have any opinion about new controversial theories on the functioning of human mind on quantum level? I'm speaking about bioquantology ideas by dr. Al Khalili or the quantum mind theorized by Hameroff - Penrose. Thank you for your time.

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Did you have ever created something so scary that in the end you thought "Nope, too much." And you destroyed it?

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Hi from Italy! Did you read on the recent discoveries that put quantum physics as a possible explanation for the magnetic orientation in birds? I found interesting that it relies on a chemical process that involves Creb ( cAMP response element-binding protein) and cryptochrome, both fundamental elements to the circadian cycle and memories consolidation. Those studies suggests that the quantum process doesn't happen in humans because one of the key substance that is needed, superoxide radicals, are being maintained on levels too low by superoxide dysmutase. But, what if in case of an enough prolonged sleep deprivation, or through the radicals production in glucose homeostasis in the night fasting, those radicals levels could reach a sufficient point to let the process happen? My idea is that, as earth magnetic field influence birds navigation system, so the autogenerated magnetic field in brain (slow waves in nonRem states) could explain what we already know on neuronal plasticity, but on a deeper level.

Do you think that, being neuronal plasticity regulated through brain waves with frequencies from the 2 to 30/40 hz, this process could be affected by near electromagnetic fields that operates on the same frequencies? Normal household grid operate on 50hz, which is very similar.

Thanks for your time