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MasterOfTP21 karma

Am a doctor. Not saying I would have identified the condition on a first visit. But taken together, your symtoms and the infections etc should call for thorough bloodwork. Note that I dont know exactly what your doctor did/ordered, but still... This is the nightmare of us doctors working in primary care, missing something like this.

MasterOfTP2 karma

I think thats absolutely right. Working in a primary care setting (not america) my thinking is usually to treat the symtoms in a "standard" way the first time I see someone, but note all of the patients complaints, and inform them to "give me a call in x weeks/x days if you still feel like that and we'll schedule a longer appointment, do bloodworks etc". I think its healthy as a primary care doc to suspect unusual diagnosis more often than you find them. On the other hand, you want to protect your patients from unwarranted invasive procedures, so it will always be a double edged sword.