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Ah I remember that, it was posted on /r/IASIP, here dunno if it's THAT guy, but there ya have it.

Edit: I have the link to it guys, it's in here up there , you can stop linking to it.

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Let's be honest, there would BE no explaining.

"Nice to meet you, uhh... does that say full-on-rapist?"

"Oh it's a joke from It's Alwa-"

"Get out."

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Hey Al! I've been listening to your songs since I was a kid, and they still hold up! I feel like Dare To Be Stupid would be a great song to cover in any genre.

Anyway, here's my question, what is your favourite band, genre? Thanks!

Edit: Didn't capitalize A in Al, word crimes...

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Did your father ever question why he did the things he did? I don't necessarily mean asking questions that he knew he would never get an answer to, but more questioning his loyalty, if what he did was worth it, anything in that area?