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Catholics interpret the bible not as 100% literal or 100% metaphorical; instead, we see the verses can be one or the other, or even a mix of both.

As one of my parish priests said during our annual lector training, the Bible is not a single book, it's more an anthology of works about God. There is some history in it, but also advice letters, poetry, aphorisms, fables, and more.

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Well done. Here are the test results: You are an awesome cosplayer. I'm serious, that's what it says: "An awesome cosplayer." We weren't even testing for that.

Ahem... seriously, what's your favorite GLaDOS line?

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You look under your bed and see this...


What do you do?

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Hi Tara! Big fan of all your work.

1) I know that one of the biggest worries of voice actors is a "blowout," losing your voice for a few days because of screaming/yelling. (Your MLP co-star, Andrea Libman, had one when she was channelling the Incredible Hulk for an episode.) Have you ever had a blowout? How long does it take to recover? Any tips for avoiding one?

2) If you could have one voice actor role that someone else had - movies, TV, videogames - which would it be, and why?

3) I know you've said that you want to do more live action work. Is that why you're doing Funporium? Also, would you ever do a PG-13 puppet show (like Avenue Q)?

4) Waffles: do they really keep evil away from you?

Thanks, and stay awesome.

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Good choice! Mine is a great piece of wordplay:

"OK, look... we both said a lot of things that you're going to regret."

EDIT: Here's the federal regulation quote.