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Well, I wanted to start it right away out of high school but I was kind of a lazy dreamer. It took a few years of working in the real world to motivate me. I eventually thought going to film school would help me out (big mistake, it didn't really teach me how to make movies) so that was 4 years of my life wasted. :/

I still have my day job until I see where this all pans out so I haven't left much behind other than a lot of sleepless nights, lol.

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Not much. A lot of film programs don't even require you to touch a camera to graduate. It's a lot of film theory and looking at the "why" of film making, not the "how". It CAN help you in tangential ways but if you're going to film school to learn the technical details of how to shoot/edit/light a movie, go to youtube. It taught me more than anything I learned in film school.

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Trust me, it was. While I'm not upset that I went, those four years of my life could have been spent huffing on actual film sets and hustling for film work which would have given me a very real amount of experience. No one is going to give you a film and let you direct because you have a degree. It means nothing to anyone in the industry. You will meet film people, and connections really matter, but past that...save your money or get an MBA. lol

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Interesting. Give that a go:

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The main character is only seen ONCE, with another character, in the same frame. Even when he's interacting with other characters, you never see them together but in one very specific scene. I did this on purpose to help aid with the feeling of isolation. It's something you might not notice until the end of the film or upon a second viewing but I think it helps make you feel like he's all alone in this hell he's in.