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Hello Ms. Coupe. Big fan of Happy Endings and Scrubs. Like you, I am from New Hampshire and we both (I believe?) are fans of improv theaters. I'm recently out of college and while I work in a career that is stable and pays well enough, I started doing comedy and improv about a year ago and have really loved it. I've started wondering if there were some way to ever make a career performing, acting, or writing comedy, and since you have made it, I figured why not ask you. Obviously you think it's possible, but it must've been incredibly difficult right? Any advice for someone that's fallen in love with performing and comedy and is wondering if I could ever do it for a living?

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Hi Lauren, I'm a big fan of your appearances all over Earwolf. Can you talk a little bit about where Traci Reardon came from? She's such a weird character, I'd like to know more about what inspired her or where you started from in creating that character. Thanks!

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So... I'm not a woman, but I still really appreciate you taking the time to answer me.