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MaryStribley10 karma

HI Adam - torn between quizzing you and watching "The Changling" on CBS Action!! Did you get teased by kids at school, or was it cool to be Son of Spock?

MaryStribley8 karma

Well, he did always say Spock was the best First Officer in the Fleet, and he would do anything for his crew!

MaryStribley8 karma

Charming! Children can be so lovely... Thanks for replying - made my day! My condolences for your loss, and my thanks to you for this lovely project. Do you think Google could do a "Day for Spock" with one of their Google icons? That would boost the crowd funding.

MaryStribley1 karma

But ... Spock KISSED Uhura. I may never get over the shock. Does anyone else think this, or is it just me?