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Since you're leaving Comcast cheers (clinks glasses).

Do you have any plans after you leave? Different job right away or taking time off for yourself?

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Taking this from my ELI5 post.

Why are there different types of law enforcement, officers, state patrol, sheriffs etc, and what different powers do they have? I saw a state patrol car earlier and realized that I don't know why we have different names or what they do.

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Do you know how much money you've made out of the whole deal and how were or are you being paid? Do you regret your deal with Mark?

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My girlfriend and I would love to have an Alaska Husky which is what I read that you use and have in the house. We both know that it will require quite a bit of work raising since we want one from a puppy. After working with the breed first hand, what sort of quirks or insight could you provide about the breed that might help us in raising the pup?

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I'm confused, I thought almost all AMAs are marketing opportunities?