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What is their justification for seizing the assets and reselling them?

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Mine has a sign up that says something along the lines of "due to availability we are currently using conventionally sustained beef." At least it did last time I went. It's been almost a year, but I know the sign was up for almost a year itself.

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Hi Ken! So, you were there for 9/11? Were you in NY and how were you involved?

How do you feel about it looking back 15 years ago?

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I had the expander, too. My orthodontist called it twin blocks. Had to expand my top and bottom jaw, which took about a year and a half and then braces for four years.

I have an overbite that was pretty corrected after braces, but my permanent retainers finally came out (so much for being permanent) after about 10 years and I can feel my teeth moving back.

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Wow, that seems unreal. Follow-up question: What were you doing when you got the call that something was happening?